Are you working from
the "old way" or the "new way"?
Take the test to find out.

The Old Way: Burnout and a Mental Health Pandemic

  • No work/life balance 
  • Loss of motivation
  • Reduced performance at work: busy vs productive
  • Decreased satisfaction: feeling unfulfilled, bored, stuck in a rut
  • Work is something I have to do
  • Your relationships around you are suffering
  • Detached, feeling alone in the world
  • Increasingly cynical and negative outlook
  • Sense of failure and self doubt
  • High levels of anxiety
  • Poor choices: falling into destructive habits - drinking, poor diet, no exercise

The New Way: The Work Life Revolution

  • I have Work Life Balance
  • I create my own Work Life Rules
  • I am a priority: My wellbeing is vital
  • I feel better: I'm balanced, confident, connected to myself & make better choices. I have a positive outlook and i am excited about the future. I have more energy.
  • I work better: Work is something I want to do. I'm more productive, motivated & creative. I believe in what I do and the value I contirbute. I have more focus.
  • I live better: I make healthier choices & have better relationships as a result. I love where I live, work and play. I have more happiness in my life.
  • We all thrive together: I'm part of a supportive community, growing and thriving together. I have more support in all areas of my work and life.

Why take the test?

Identify which areas need your focus and attention to make the changes you need to make to get results you want.

You'll receive an overview report layed out into 4 specific areas.

Our test is completely free and takes less that 10 minutes to complete

So grab a cuppa and go for it! 

"So much can come from increasing your awareness by simply taking this test. It is a first step in the right direction. It has helped already, thank you."

Sam, Digital Marketing

You'll be scored against the following 4 key areas

Your Work Life Vision

What does your ideal working life look like, and do you have it?
Our questions are designed to understand what's most important to you in an ideal career, and how well your current situation stacks up.

Your Health

How can you feel good at work if you don't feel good in yourself?
Having good self-care practices is the foundation to any career path. Your health-score will show you if you need to make yourself more of a priority.

Your Environment

How well are you set up for success?
The people and spaces you surround yourself with are key to work life success. Find out if your environment gives you the support you need to thrive.

You, as a leader

Are you living on your terms at work and in life?
How are you managing your mindset affects how you manage your time and the choices you make. The stories that we tell ourselves can either propell us forwards, or cripple our confidence. Find out how your mindset is affecting the way you show up and lead.

How much has your
work life balance set you up for success?

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What is possible with working with us on these 4 areas?

"I've got a new job that’s
more aligned and supportive
of my clear career path
taking me towards where
I want to be. A step closer.
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